Basic Tune Up

Basic Tune up


*Rinse and wipe down bike

*Safety inspection of frame and fork

*Brake inspection and adjustment

*Dérailleur inspection and adjustment

*Lube chain, pulleys and cables

*Touch up wheel truing

-Minor wheel truing, done with wheels on bike, does not include spoke replacement

*Inspect bearing systems: headset, bottom bracket, hubs

-Headset adjustment included

-Bottom bracket and hub adjustments are $5 each

*Inflate tires to correct pressure


Parts are not included: Tubes, tires, bottom brackets, brake pads, cables, chains, etc. are all in addition to the tune up.

Not all labor included: Major wheel truing/broken spokes, bottom bracket overhauls, hub overhauls, headset overhauls, flat tires, chain replacement, etc. are all in addition to the tune up.