Keep it Rolling Protection Plan

Bert's Bikes and Fitness is pleased to announce the KEEP IT ROLLING PROTECTIN PLAN. We at Bert's are committed to offering you the finest in services, and KEEP IT ROLLING is a unique extended warranty for your new new ride. You can add 3 or 5 years of warranty coverage to your manufacturers warranty. It also covers all the accessories that you purchase with your new bike. It pays for itself basically with the cost of your first repair. 


This is a Transferable Warranty, where you manufacturer's warranty is Non-Transferable. This plan covers virtually every part of your bike including Drive Train, Brakes, and Shifters. Exclusions: tires, tubes, grips and tape, seat fabric, accidents, abuse, and routine maintenance. Bonus Coverage for all accesories attached to your bike at the time of purchase.

3 Year Coverage

Cost of Bike:                                                Cost of Coverage:

Up to $399.99                                               $59.99

$400 - $849.99                                              $79.99

$850 - $1999.99                                            $109.99

$2000 - $10000                                             $189.99

5 Year Coverage

Cost of Bike:                                                Cost of Coverage:

Up to $399.99                                               $99.99

$400 - $849.99                                              $129.99

$850 - $1999.99                                            $169.99

$2000 - $10000                                             $299.99

Please see stores for details or ask your sales associate at the time of purchase.