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Bodyguard V9X Self-Generated Upright Bike

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Bodyguard V9X Self-Generated Upright Bike

The old-school stationary bikes had clunky parts, fabric-belt tension, and something a little like an oven timer attached to the handlebars. There’s a reason those kind of stationary bikes are piled up in garages everywhere and used as clothes hangers. If you don’t enjoy riding a clunky exercise bike, you’re just not going to do it. And so begins and ends the quest to get fit and healthy. It’s a scenario that’s played out thousands of times, but it doesn’t have to be.

Step up to the BodyGuard V9X Upright Bike at home or at the gym. Slide on to the ComfortCush seat, lock in your feet with the quick-release pedal straps, and grip the handlebars. In an instant you’ll know your current heart rate, and you’ll be just seconds away from cranking up your metabolism, burning a ton of calories, and logging the kind of workouts that will get you in the best shape of your life.

BodyGuard V9X Biking Features & Benefits

This stationary cycle is designed to provide you with a plethora of amenities to help you maximize your workouts. It’s a comfortable ride with multi-grip handlebars, a padded and adjustable seat, and perfectly-engineered pedals to help properly align your hips, knees, and ankles to prevent injury and help every revolution propel you closer to your fitness goals. It also features slick silicone keys that outlast traditional plastic keys and respond better to your selections to ride slow and steady or go at a grueling pace.

You’ll also get one of the best heart rate monitor systems available on a stationary bike with the BodyGuard V9X Upright Bike. Grip the metal sensors on the handlebars, and you’ll get a real-time display of your heart rate as you pedal.
Monitoring your heart rate during a workout allows you to speed up or slow down depending on your fitness goals to burn fat, build cardiovascular endurance, or strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles. It’s a strategy elite athletes frequently use, and exercising based on a percentage of your maximum heart rate is a proven method to increase your fitness level, endurance, and athletic ability.
The BodyGuard V9X Upright Bike even includes built-in digital training programs to help you exercise within your target heart rate. Pedal your way through one of these workouts, and you can combine a serious aerobic workout with high intensity interval training to blast fat and take your fitness to a whole new level in a hurry.

Additional V9X Upright Biking Specifications

You can choose from a variety of pre-programmed workouts for time, distance, and varied resistance on the BodyGuard V9X Upright Bike, and you can design your own workouts with this intuitive stationary bike. If you want to change things up, instead of showing up for a traditional workout on the cycle, you can even use the target watt output option that challenges you to maintain a minimum speed throughout your workout.

This well-built bike is perfect for someone serious about adding to their home gym, and it’s a highly-durable, user-friendly cycle suitable for commercial gyms. The BodyGuard V9X Upright Bike comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and K2 resistance system, and limited warranty on parts and labor. Slide into the saddle, and you’ll be on your way to getting fitter faster than you ever thought possible.

Standard Features

Silicone Keys
Silicone Keys offer many advantages over standard membrane or plastic keys such as being more responsive, durable and reliable. As a result, Bodyguard Fitness uses Silicone Keys on the main keypad on all our equipment. These principle keys are the ones used most often, especially during exercise, and are prone to wearing out if an unsuitable material is used.

Digital Contact Heart Rate
Bodyguard’s Digital Contact Heart Rate Sensors offer far more accurate Heart Rate readings than standard analog sensors. Also, our dual sensor plates provide improved contact readings, which is a big advantage for users who traditionally get intermediate contact heart rate readings due to “soft” pulses in the hands.

Heart Rate Control Programs
Bodyguard Fitness offers a range of fully customizable Heart Rate Control programs ideal for both beginners and advanced users that will help maximize the results from each and every workout. From fixed Target Heart Rate workouts to Heart Rate Interval Training (only available on certain models) that moves the user through various zones there is something for everyone no matter the exercise level.

K2 Electromagnetic Resistance System
The premium grade K2 Electromagnetic Resistance System offers numerous advantages over alternative systems such as “servo motor” or “eddy current” that rely on magnets that physically move to adjust resistance levels.

ComfortCush Seats
When in comes to long rides the comfort of the seat is crucial. Our ergonomically contoured ComfortCush Seats are shaped to offer great support without restricting the users range of motion and cutting into the thighs.

6.5” Pedal Spacing
Correct body alignment is one of the most important aspects a user should be aware of when choosing a bicycle. Our indoor bikes have been co-designed with engineers from Rocky Mountain Bikes ( to ensure that bio-mechanically correct pedal spacing is incorporated on our indoor bikes. This allows a rider to correctly align their hips, knees and ankles reducing the potential for injury.

Target Watts Programming
This unique program allows the user to set a target output of wattage they wish to constantly achieve. The console will then constantly adjust the resistance as the stride rate changes so that they always are producing the targeted wattage output. That way, if the user slows down there stride rate then the console will automatically increase the resistance so that the targeted wattage is maintained.

Premium Features

Solid Steel Seat Plate
Durable seat plate tilted correctly to ease pressure on the pelvis.

Infinite Seat Adjustments
A quick release fore-aft adjustment is combined with a heavy duty vertical pin-lock mechanism to create infinite fitting positions.

72 Degree Seat Post Angle
Inclinated at 72º to mimic the comfortable feeling of a premium outdoor bike.

Multi-Grip Handlebars
Offers more exercise options and comfort no matter the preferred riding position.